John & Mary

Science of Love

At I met John at my local club, and he politely offered to shut me a beer. After only about 90 seconds I had a feeling that he could be my type of man.
Peter & Jane

More than Friends

Through this dating site, I decided to date Peter at a dance. From the first time I saw Peter I looked at him in his eyes, I could not help thinking about him all the time at the dance.
Jack & Laura

Love You Forever

Ever-lasting love secrets between my husband Jack and myself. This is just our love story for fellow members to share.
Harry & Jayne

Long Distance Love

It is just amazing that I could meet my husband Harry in such an unimaginable way-at this online dating website.
Billways & Lia

Love at First Sight

We are so lucky to find this and it really works for us. We love it because
Sam & Linda

The Second Chance

In the beginning, my dating was going well but at some point I decided not to continue.