The Guide to Romance

Why Be Romantic?

There are a myriad of reasons, but it can be reduced down to this statement:
It will make you feel better, your partner feel better and make your relationship do better.

So Exactly What Is Romance?

There are various definitions of the word.  I think the best definition follows.

Romance: the act of lavishing personal attention on someone with acts of chivalry, courtesy and/or love.

Romance does not mean sex (although it can lead to that). Romance is the method to express with attention the feelings of love and affection you have for your partner. This is an important means of communication between partners. This is not necessarily referring to the physical attraction you have. Sex is for that. This is for displaying the respect and honor you have for your partner and their love that they are freely giving you.

Concerning Romance & Relationships

I am constantly hearing how so many marriages and long-term relationships don’t have romance.  It’s not because there is not love there…but the passion seems to be missing or to have died. There are many reasons this can occur. For more information about this article please “http visit://”